AR 15 Magpul P MAG  textured rubber grip enhancement is an outstanding improvement to the stock 30 round magazine. We now add the caliber to help you keep your magazines sorted and organized and lessen the possibility of using the wrong ammo in the wrong rifle. We even add the option to number your magazines, especially usefull for competitons shooters. Many options to choose from.  Try it you'll be amazed and want one of our grip enhancements for all of your firearms!

AR 15 MAGPUL P MAG CALIBER / NUMBER Textured Rubber MAGAZINE Grip Insert Kit

  •  HANDLEIT! Grip Enhancement 

    The Most Affordable and the Best Quality Gun Grips on the Market

    100% Made in USA!!!!!

    Each grip enhancement is laser cut to perfection. 

    Providing outstanding grip, comfort, and control to any firearm. 

    The enhanced rubber grips aid is improved accuracy, control, and recoil management. 

    Will it help you shoot better? 

    It all depends on your level of experience, 

    but it will feel amazing, 

    a vast improvement of any stock grip.

    The rifle or accessaries in the picture are not for sale, they are only shown to exhibit the grip enhancement as fully installed.

    • These grips are perfect for conceal carry and offers outstanding grip especially when it counts.  

    • Easy to install, the grip enhancement are laser cut and can be fully installed in less than 5 minutes.

    • Step by step installation instructions and alcohol cleaning pads are included to aid with proper preparation and install.